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Next Manawatu Home Birth Association get-together

Baby just born at home

The next Manawatu Home Birth Association get-together is Wednesday 8 February, 10.30am-1.00pm, Community Birth Services, Level 2, Westside Chambers, 151 The Square, Palmerston North, NZ.  We plan to chat about last October’s Home Birth Conference held in New Plymouth.  We also welcome any suggestions for new ideas/protocols/initiatives for the group to take up and we will have our library of great books, videos and dvds set up at CBS, available for FREE borrowing from Wednesday.  And of course as always we are available to chat with anyone about home birth or other parenting matter you might like to raise.


Christmas Picnic

Christmas Picnic

This year we have decided to make our Christmas get-together a combined one for Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc. and ‘Nurtured Babies: Naturally’.  It will be a picnic in the childrens’ playground at Esplanade Park, Palmerston North.  Please bring a plate of food to share to a late potluck lunch from 1.30pm on sunday 11 December 2011.  For information on our wet weather venue please either call our answer phone (356 BABY) or email our hotmail address:  Bring anything you will need for you and your family eg. picnic blanket, drinks, sunscreen etc.  See you there!

Next ‘Nurtured Babies: Naturally’ get-together

The next ‘Nurtured Babies: Naturally’ get-together is tomorrow Monday 28 November 2011 at Palmerston North City Library, children’s zone 12.30-2.30pm.

There was discussion that we would use this meeting to discuss co-sleeping with Aileen Devonshire.  I have spoken with Aileen and we have decided to hold off till early next year for this topic. I would love to use the get together, for those who are still keen, to talk about Christmas.  What it means to you, how you celebrate it, do you go down the presents path or avoid the present path. Do you make presents? buy them? etc etc etc…

Next Home Birth get together

Give yourselves a pat on the back

This month’s Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc. get together is this Wednesday 9 November, 10.30am – 1pm at Community Birth Services, Level 2, Westside Chambers, 151 The Square, Palmerston North.  We are planning to have a ‘feel-good’ session this month, celebrating all the wonderful things we have done or started this year.

Home Birth Week Celebrations 23-30 October 2011

Check out the events the Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc is hosting to help celebrate Home Birth Week Monday 23 October to Sunday 30 October 2011.  More details to follow but be in quick if you want to buy tickets for the movie!

Nurtured Babies: NaturallyLocation Map for both Nurtured Babies: Naturally get together and afternoon tea click here

Afternoon Tea – See above for location.  We will be launching the Association’s official range of home birth clothing at the afternoon tea.  We have accessed garments from a quality supplier who will screenprint our own slogans and pictures.  They are available for a very reasonable price.  If you would like to view the supplier’s website click here.  Check out this photo for an indication of colours, designs & slogans:

Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc.'s new range of home birth clothing

Clothing patches will also be available for sale at the afternoon tea and afterwards for $3 each.  The patches are circular, teal green and 6mm in diameter.  They can be attached to clothing/bags/hats etc.  See the photo below for an indication of the design.  Note the colour has not photographed accurately.

Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc's patch to celebrate Home Birth Week 2011

Manawatu Home Birth Association Inc. projects for the year April 2011-April 2012 are as follows:

    • Celebrate Midwives Day 2011 (This project was successfully completed on May 5th with members baking muffins, bread, cake etc and distributing it to the hospital and the midwife centres in Palmerston North.)
    • Host a Home Birth information session aimed at parents
    • Members to attend antenatal classes and talk about home birth
    • Members to meet with student midwives to discuss home birth
    • Produce home birth clothing
    • Celebrate Home Birth week 2011

Movie – The movie is the documentary ‘The First Cry’.  To view the preview click here.  To look at the award winning boutique theatre where the movie is screening click here.

Next Home Birth Get Together

The next get together is Wednesday 12 October, Community Birth Services, Level 2 Westside Chambers, 151 The Square, Palmerston North, NZ, 1.30pm – 4.00pm.  The first hour will be used for business matters and from 2.30pm it’s social time so come and enjoy some company, chatting about home birth and other topics that crop up.

Next ‘Nurtured Babies: Naturally’ Get Together

The next get together is Monday 26 September 2011 in the Children’s zone of the Palmerston North City Library, 4 The Square, Palmerston North, NZ.  Come and share your wisdom on what natural remedies you have used on your children, what has worked and what has not!  A great chance to listen and talk, get some ideas and make some friends!