Manawatu Home Birth Association Library list.

All of the following books and resources are available for lending for FREE.

To query whether we have a specific book or dvd available, please leave a message on our phone line 356-BABY or email and someone will contact you.  The library is now housed at Community Birth Services, Level 2 Westside Chambers, 151 The Square, Palmerston North and items can be borrowed during Home Birth get-togethers (2nd Wednesday of each month – check About Us for details).

If you would like to send us a review on any of the following items, or just some comments on how interesting/useful you found the books, please email us your comments.


Breast feeding

  • The nursing mother’s guide to weaning.  Kathleen Huggins and Linda Ziedrich, 1994.
  • The experience of breastfeeding.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1987.
  • Breastfeeding matters – what we need to know about infant feeding.  Maureen Minchin, 1985.
  • Breastfeeding – how to give your baby the best start in life.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1998.
  • The womanly art of breastfeeding. La Leche League international, 1991.
  • Bestfeeding: getting breastfeeding right for you.  Mary Renfrew, Chole Fisher and
  • Suzanne Arms, 1990.
  • Feminism, breasts and breast feeding.  Pam Carter, 1995.


  • Fatherhood reclaimed – the making of the modern father.  Adrienne Burgess, 1997.
  • The crying baby.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1989.
  • Beyond the baby blues – overcoming postnatal distress in New Zealand.  Arlene Goss, 1998.
  • Nighttime parenting – how to get your baby and child to sleep.  William Sears, 1985.
  • The fussy baby – how to bring out the best in your high need child.  William Sears, 1985.
  • Toxic Childhood – how the modern world is damaging our children and what we can do about it.  Sue Palmer, 2006.
  • Motherhood – What it does to your mind.  Jane Price.
  • Baby it’s you – A unique insight in to the first three years of the developing baby.  Annette Karmiloff-Smith.
  • Magical Child, Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Breech Birth, woman wise.  Maggie Banks.
  • Joan Donley’s compendium for a healthy pregnancy and a normal birth.  Joan Donley, 2003.
  • Gentle birth, gentle mothering.  Sarah J Buckley, 2007.
  • Home birth bound – mending the broken weave.  Maggie Banks.
  • Herstory of NZ Homebirth association.  Joan Donley.
  • Immaculate Deception II.  Suzanne Arms.
  • Ina May’s guide to childbirth.  Ina May Gaskin, 2003.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.  Sheila Kitzinger.
  • Birth over 35.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1982.
  • New natural pregnancy – practical wellbeing from conception to birth.  Janet Balaskas, 1998.
  • Preparing for birth with yoga.  Janet Balaskas, 1994.
  • Birth your way – choosing birth at home or in a birth centre.  Sheila Kitzinger, 2001.
  • Spiritual midwifery (3rd edition).  Ina May Gaskin, 1990.
  • Herbs for a health pregnancy – from conception to childbirth.  Penelope Ody, 1999.
  • The natural way to better birth and bonding.  Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts, 2000.
  • Choosing waterbirth – reclaiming the sacred power of birth.  Lakshmi Bertram, 2000.
  • Birth at home – Twenty-one women and their doctor share their experiences of birth.  David Miller, 1990.
  • Save the midwife.  Joan Donley, 1986.
  • Delivering your placenta – the third stage.  Nadine Pilley Edwards, 1999.
  • The Alexander Technique for pregnancy and childbirth.  Brita Forsstrom and Mel Hampson, 1995.
  • New Active Birth – a concise guide to natural childbirth.  Janet Balaskas, 1989.
  • Entering the world – the de-medicalization of childbirth.  Michael Odent, 1984.
  • Ultrasound? Unsound.  Beverly Lawrence Beech and Jean Robinson, 1996.
  • Water and sexuality.  Michael Odent, 1990.
  • Birthrites – natural vs unnatural childbirth in New Zealand.  Joan Donley, 1998.
  • The new pregnancy and childbirth.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1997.
  • Birth without violence.  Federick Leboyer, 1982.
  • Accupressure for women.  Cathryn Bauer, 1987.
  • Reclaiming the spirituality of birth – healing for mothers and babies.  Benig Mauger, 2000.
  • Oriori – a Maori child is born, from conception to birth.  Robyn Kahukiwa and Roma Potiki, 1999.
  • Birthing autonomy – women’s experiences of planning home births.  Nadine Pilley Edwards, 2005.
  • Who’s having this baby? Perspectives on birthing.  Helen Sterk and others, 2002.
  • Homebirth and other alternatives to hospital.  Sheila Kitzinger, 1991.
  • The thinking woman’s guide to a better birth.  Henci Goer, 1999.
  • Miranda Castro’s Homeopathic guides – mother and baby, pregnancy, birth and your baby’s first years.  Miranda Castro, 1992.
  • Childbirth without fear.  Grantly Dick-Read, 1984.  (2 copies)
  • Lotus Birth.  Shivam Rachana, 2000.
  • Natural childbirth the Bradley way.  Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg, 1984.
  • We are all water babies.  Jessica Johnson and Michel Odent, 1994.
  • Ourselves as Mothers.  Sheila Kitzinger.
  • Rediscovering birth.  Sheila Kitzinger.
  • Up the duff.  Kaz Cooke.
  • The waterbirth Handbook – The gentle art of waterbirthing.  Dr Roger Lidy and Eileen Herzberg, 1993.
  • Childbirth Choices.  Adrienne Bennett, Wendi Etherington and Daphne Hewson, 1993.
  • What to expect when you’re expecting.  Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff and Sandee E. Hathaway, BS.N., 2nd Ed, 1994.
  • Birth Secrets – Breaking the silence of hidden pregnancies.  Jennifer Bradshaw, 1997.
  • Positively Pregnant.  Emma Parton, 1998.


  • Investigate before you vaccinate – making an informed decision about vaccination in New Zealand.  Susan Claridge, 2002.
  • Just a little prick.  Peter and Hilary Butler, 2006.
  • Vaccination and immunization – What does your children need.  Anne Charlish, 1996.
  • Immunity – Why not keep it.  Lisa Lovett, D.C., 1990.

Vaginal birth after caesarean

  • Silent Knife – Cesarean prevention and vaginal birth after caesarean.  Nancy Wainer Cohen and Lois Estner, 1983.
  • The VBAC companion – the expectant mother’s guide to vaginal birth after caesarean.  Diana Korte, 1997.

Other resources:


  • Birth as we know it.  This is an amazing video that was made primarily in Russia but has footage of beautiful water births and lots of information about preparing emotionally, mentally and psychologically for your baby’s arrival.  It also has a short section on circumcision – if anyone is debating whether to circumcise, this film will quickly persuade you not to.
  • The business of being born.  Documentary by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.  Film description from press release:  In 2001, actress Ricki Lake gave birth to her second child with the assistance of a midwife in her home bathtub. She made the choice for a home birth after she experienced unwanted medical interventions while delivering her first child at a hospital birthing center. Ricki succeeded in giving birth on her own terms and the experience was so unexpectedly empowering and life-changing that she felt every woman should know what they could be missing out on.  Ricki approached filmmaker Abby Epstein to collaborate on a film that would examine birth culture in America, and ask questions about the way American women have babies.  Footage of women having babies punctuates THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN.  Each experience is unique; all are equally beautiful and equally surprising.  Giving birth is clearly the most physically challenging event these women have ever gone through, but it is also the most emotionally rewarding.   Along the way, Epstein conducts interviews with a number of obstetricians, experts and advocates about the history, culture and economics of childbirth. The film’s fundamental question: should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency? This is a must-see dvd for all pregnant women!


  • Homebirth – your choice.  A 30 minute video made in London, with a diverse range of women speaking about their experiences of home birth.  Very interesting and relevant video.
  • Homebirth – Auckland Homebirth Association (1991).   A 30 minute video set in New Zealand interviewing parents before, during and after their home births.
  • Water and Birth.  A 50 minute video where three diverse women and their midwives are followed before, during and after their waterbirths.  Two of the births are home births, one in hospital.
  • Zach’s home birth.  A 60 minute DVD/video of a first baby, born at home.  Overdue baby.  The parents have lots of family support, labour and some pushing in a birthing pool, birth on land.  Lots of acupressure, rescue remedy used.  Breastfeeding attempts.  Excellent to watch.
  • Catherine’s birth at home.  Somewhat dated video of a first baby, born at home.  Sitting in  chair for first stage, kneeling & squatting for pushing.  Acupressure and massage used.  Artificial Rupture of Membrances.  Good view of pushing stage.
  • Bethany’s water birth.  Somewhat dated video of a home waterbirth.  Time after giving birth tends to drag.
  • Rhiannon’s Birth.  A 45 minute video.  Quick quiet land birth.  Children present, traction of placenta.  Time after giving birth tends to drag.
  • Caleb’s Birth Day.  A 30 minute video.  Very good water birth with children present after the birth.
  • William’s Birth.  A 30 minute video.  Good land birth with lots of pushing.  Children present during and after birth.
  • Fiona’s Birth.   A 30 minute video.  A quiet walking labour, on hands & knees to push.  Lots of observers, children present.  Artifical rupture of membranes.  Skin to skin and breastfeeding.
  • Some babies die.  Really moving stories about babies who have died; either stillborn or early in life and how parents have dealt with it.

Children’s books

Both of these are good stories for introducing your pre-schooler or young child to the idea of new baby’s arrival.

  • Runa’s birth – the day my sister was born.  Uwe Spillmann and Inga Kamieth.  A picture book story of a homebirth, narrated from a 4 year old girl’s viewpoint.
  • Hello baby.  Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas.  A picture book story of a homebirth, narrated from a young child’s perspective.


We have subscriptions to the following items:

  • The Mother magazine.  A British magazine full of inspirational and educational articles on all aspects of holistic parenting, from pre-conception right through childhood.  Bimonthly.  We have copies of almost all issues of this magazine, dating back to 2004.
  • Positive Birth Dunedin – newsletter and magazine of the Homebirth Association of Dunedin/Otepoti.  Bimonthly.
  • Waikato Home Birth Association Newsmagazine.  Bimonthly.
  • Wellington Home Birth Association Newsletter. Quarterly.
  • Birthplace – magazine of the Canterbury Homebirth Association.  Quarterly.
  • Birthspirit Midwifery Journal Issue 1-6 (Feb 2009 – Oct 2010).  Great New Zealand publication with lots of home/water/natural birth articles and interesting topics.  Sadly no longer published.
  • Tummy Talk Yearly publication from Active Birth Taranaki.

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