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Positive Birth Stories Website

The innate ability of each woman
to give birth guided by her body’s wisdom, with trusted attendants, in
soft private spaces, has been largely taken over by the international
billion dollar high-tech low-touch obstetrics industry.

This ‘active management’ of childbirth alters the mix of hormones that evolution has provided to help ease mother and baby through birth.

By hearing true stories filled with wisdom, tips & techniques and positive
experiences of birthing you will feel empowered and be reminded that
it is possible to give birth gently according to you and your baby’s
power, strength and innate wisdom. has been set up by Josie, a woman currently living in New Zealand.  She says “This website is based on my conviction that connected intrinsically to the struggle for women’s’ equality and freedom and restoration of the Divine Feminine is that elemental act of female power… birth. How we give birth has far-reaching implications, affecting the physiology and psychology of our children’s lives and influencing our mothering; including breastfeeding, attachment and post-natal depression among others. That makes birth not just a women’s issue but also an issue for humanity.”

She includes in her website gorgeous birth related art and other interesting articles around pregnancy and motherhood.  I encourage you all to take a look as I am sure we could all gain some new inspiration from her work.