May get-together: ‘Posterior/transverse/oblique/breech babies and home birth’

Fetal positions

Our next get-together is 14 May 2014, 1.30-3pm and we meet at Community Birth Services, Westside Chambers, Level 2, 151 The Square, Palmerston North, NZ.  The topic for this month discusses posterior, transverse, oblique and breech babies, how they can be encouraged into a good birth position and the implications for home birth in each of these situations.

Note we have changed the hours for get-togethers to 1.30-3pm for afternoon get-togethers (May, July, Sept, Nov) and 10.30am-12 for morning get-togethers (June, Aug, Oct).

We offer free afternoon tea as well as a library full of books, magazines, DVDs, stickers etc.  We also provide support, information, sibling kits, stools and hire out birthing pools and califonts for heating water.


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