What gets you through the really tough parenting moments?

'Everything's gonna be alright'

Welcome everyone to the second Nurtured Babies: Naturally gathering for this year which is on Wednesday 22 March at the Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarden (next to Terrace End School), Palmerston North, NZ at 1.30-3.30pm.  We had such a great gathering and talk on Co-sleeping last month, and for mamas with babes on the move, the new premises are a wonderful place to relax knowing that the little ones can have their freedom and do not need to have mums watchful eyes and attention drawn away from the gathering quite so much as when we had it at the Library.

Next month we hope to be having some experienced parents come and chat about ‘unschooling’ or perhaps ‘alternative schooling options’, what do you think?    This month we are having a general get together and chat about what gets you through the really tough parenting moments.  This will mean different things to different people, and the experienced sharing will be a wonderful way to gain new knowledge and tools for assisting us all in moments yet to come.


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